Sunday, 1 December 2013

Balmain Pale Ale

With a tip of the hat to the celebrated pioneer of the beer-typecast Mr Rob Bowker, I use this method to test my relatively recently acquired Underwood 310/Olivetti Dora




  1. Told you that it would come up nicely! I really do think you picked the best of that pile there. That's a great machine.

    Suck a great looking little machine. Much nicer than the regular Dora.

    Is that an Olivetti Lexicon ribbon cover in the background? And.. a Nice Remington 5.

    And I can see why you haven't replied to my email!

  2. Looks like a very pleasant way to explore both the beer and the typewriter.

  3. So now you have to agree that there are few finer combinations (fried egg and ketchup, pancakes and maple syrup, warm croissant with raspberry jam) than a typewriter and a bottle of beer. The poetry begins when you run out of words. Hop 'til you drop! I'm glad you found a start-up brewer, too!

  4. Lovely colors! I typed on a Dora once, but didn't really like the action. The height of the key rows are too steep for me.

  5. Thanks all. You'd be correct about the Lexikon ribbon cover Scott, I stole the ribbon from the Lexikon to use in the Dora so I could typecast with it! Correct you are Rob, like peas and carrots. Spiderwebz, I don't mind it actually, close to a Lettera 32 which I love, tho I've not got a great experience to draw from as most of my typewriters aren't champion typers

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