Friday, 24 May 2013

"The hottest beer in the world"

Typed on the 23rd May 2013 from my 1939 Royal KMM, Serial number: MM14-252046.


  1. Do you watch "30 Rock"? There was an episode where Jack Donaghy (the brilliant Alec Baldwin) had his own wine label. The wine itself was described as tasting like "Satan's urine after a hefty dose of asparagus".
    Sounds like this beer is not far off that description.
    Ahh well, at least it was on special and you hopefully didn't pay too much for it.

  2. So this swill was shipped from Scandinavia to the Antipodes just to disgust your poor tastebuds! Hilarious.

    (But suddenly I'm thirsty.)

  3. I thought I was just inexperienced, but the one beer I've had out of a can had a definite metallic taste. Did you try some out of a glass to see if it helps?

  4. Being old (just) enough to remember kiss at their height, I can attest that ANYTHING with a KISS label on it will undoubtedly be - to use an oft used Australian term, "Absolutely fucking shit, mate".

    However, kudos to you for donating your body to medical experimentation.

  5. Richard- alas, what a waste....

    Notagain- no, but prior experience suggests it still tastes exactly like beer from a can

    Teeritz and Scott- two good belly-laughs there! No I don't watch third rock and I'd not go as far as either of your suggestions, but if VB is described as cats piss, KISS Destroyer could perhaps be described as cows piss- less concentrated and acidic but still something you'd prefer not to drink.

    Dear god, what has this blog descended into!

  6. Abba and Kiss? Wow, that's what I call range!
    Your post made me thankful that I am allergic (literally) to any kind of alcoholic drink. Yep, there are actually people like me. ( :