Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A little game called Risk

I decided to buy myself a present of sorts to mark one year since my first typewriter. For a few weeks around the end of March / early April I was keeping a watchful eye on international eBay for a change. Trying to copy and paste text into Google Translate when using my iPhone in bed. Setting alarms at odd times of the night. That sort of thing.... This is a dangerous practice to get in to. The rest of the world (believe it or not) has a far bigger population than Australia and a far bigger supply of typewriters. These factors when combined with an unusually high Aussie Dollar makes for a wide array of fantastic machines, many at lower prices than they would fetch in Australia. The only catch of course is the $100+ postage cost. But this was my very first ‘obsession anniversary’ so for once I wasn’t concerned about making a hefty contribution to the good people at whichever postal service I ended up going with.

So, what make/model is it and in what condition did it arrive???????

P.S. Do excuse the product placement, i.e. old shoe, matchbox. This is just to give an idea of the size of the box and the case. Don't stare at the screen for too long though, it really does make you want set fire to something....



  1. Ooh ... good padding on some sides, but not all ... don't know if there was padding inside the case.

    I'm sure it's a Remington, I'm guessing a Noiseless #7, and I'm hoping that it's in perfect condition.

  2. Remington of some sort - Model 1 Portable?, and arrived good condition?

  3. I'll have to go with Remington Noiseless.

  4. I'm going with Richard and Ton. It's too tall for the smaller portables, so I'm guessing a Noiseless 7. The hinges and latches strongly suggest a Remington.